Blinged Out Face Mask


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About this product

You Asked, We Listened!!!

Yes, it has taken us a while to perfect our craft with these, but we finally got there!!

Our face masks are hand made from beginning to end.

First we sew these Poly Cotton blend masks with 2 layers, and an additional layer for a filter if desired (not included). We use 3mm elastic for the ear loops. We then hand place 100% authentic Swarovski crystals in 3 colours and 3 styles. 

Real Swarovski crystals make a huge difference in the brilliance and bling of the mask. We attempted the rhinestones to give price options, however it had minimal shine and once washed, it looked dull and ugly. So we will only be using Swarovski crystals.

There are 2 sizes available:


24cm across bridge of nose to ears

14.5cm from bridge of nose to chin


28cm across bridge of nose to ears

14.5cm from bridge of nose to chin

There are 3 crystal colours available:

Crystal Clear, Crystal AB (Rainbow) and Charcoal.

There are 3 crystal styles available:

1) Full bling- Approx 280-300 Swarovski Crystals

2) Half bling- Approx 120-160 Swarovski Crystals

3) Subtle bling- Approx 50-70 Swarovski Crystals


Washing Instructions

These masks are completely washable and the crystals should not budge at all. We do suggest to hand wash these with cold water and let dry naturally- do not put in dryer.

You can wash the inner layer by hand with hot water and soap on a sponge but we don't recommend soaking these in hot water as it will melt the glue on the crystals. To keep in line with DHHS, you can wear these over a disposable mask as these are not medical grade, they are a fashion piece that is used as a face covering. 

Important: For hygiene purposes, these masks are non refundable or exchangeable unless there is an actual fault with the mask or crystal work itself. 

All face masks will be sent out within 2 weeks of orders being placed.

As all crystals are hand placed one by one, no two masks will be the same and pattern will vary.

Shipping and refunds

Shipping to Australia

Due to COVID-19, Shipping times have been extended from our usual 10-14 business days, to 10-21 business days.

We do apologise for this inconvenience however it is taking much longer for items to arrive to us from our retailers as we get most of our shoes from overseas. There are also shipping delays with Australia Post so please be aware of this.

As our shoes are custom made to order, we do not offer exchanges or refunds so please make sure all sizes are correct before ordering.

International Shipping

Each shoe is purchased in your size from online retailers and then embellished with the crystals. It takes a few hours to place each crystal one by one on the shoes therefore our Standard Shipping turnaround time is 14-18 business days from when you place your order.

The turnaround time for Express Shipping is 12-15 business days.
International shipping may take a little longer.
Tracking is available with all orders.

Custom style
Some styles which will be specified in the item description, will come direct from the USA.

We are excited to offer this as these styles are not available in Australian retailers as yet. For these orders, please allow an extra 2-5 days on top of the above shipping times.